Critical Care

Life-Threatening Illnesses and Round-the-Clock-Care

Critical Care

Critical Care is for individuals who have life-threatening illnesses or conditions that require comprehensive care and constant monitoring.

Our expert health care providers will give you round-the-clock care and continually monitor your vital signs. We have a variety of equipment to deliver the life-saving care you need and help you recover.

Critical Care May Be Necessary For Patients with:

  • Severe Burns
  • COVID-19
  • Heart Attack
  • Heart Failure
  • Kidney Failure
  • Recovering from Surgery
  • Respiratory Failure
  • Sepsis
  • Severe Infections
  • Serious Injuries
  • Stroke

At Horizon Family Medical Group, we will monitor your condition and assess the next steps in your treatment or recovery. Once you do not require 24-hour care, we may refer you to receive outpatient care.

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