Women's Health

Reproductive System and Sexual Problems

Women's Health

Women’s Health deals with health conditions and needs specific to women.

Gynecologists are physicians that specialize in the female reproductive system and sexual problems.

Common Women’s Health Services:

  • Pelvic Exams
  • Pap Smears
  • Birth Control
  • STD Tests and Treatments
  • Managing Menopause Symptoms
  • Reproduction Education
  • Cancer Screenings

The CDC recommends that women should receive their first pap smear at age 21. From there your physician will determine how often you should receive a screening. Women should talk to their doctors between ages 20-49 when they should start receiving mammograms and how often.

Women should have a women's wellness exam annually. If you start to experience problems with your reproductive system between wellness appointments, don’t wait! Schedule an appointment so we can identify and treat the condition you are experiencing.

Schedule an Appointment With a Women’s Health Clinic if you are Experiencing:

  • Changes to the Menstrual Flow (Irregular, Long, Short, Heavy, or Light Flow)
  • Foul Smelling Discharge
  • New Sores or Bumps on Genitals
  • Painful Sex
  • Long-lasting Pelvic Pain
  • Severe Pelvic Cramps
  • Genital Itching, Pain, or Discomfort
  • Lumps in Breasts

Reproductive health is essential for women's health. Staying up on cancer screening and pelvic exams not only will help catch any issues early, but can also prevent future reproductive problems.